The production of magnesium oxide need to remain the direction of cleaner production and high effective production all the time. We need to constantly research and develop better magnesium oxide manufacturing technique. At present, there is a manufacturer produced high purity magnesium oxide through magnesium chloride pyrolysis. It filling a domestic gap in the field of high pure magnesium oxide powder technology, and has already achieved the international advanced level. In the domestic, this new process is the first technology to use spray drying, continual pyrolysis and dynamic calcine which applied to the production of magnesium oxide powder. It effectively solves the separation and anticorrosion problem between high-temperature gas and powder.
What’s more, it realizes the full use of waste heat, and the synergia of energy conservation and environment protection. The expert of Hebei Meishen Technology thinks that, this project has a short process route, low cost and high added value of products. It is succeed in using magnesium chloride to produce series of high pure magnesium oxide. And it finish the history that domestic magnesium base functional material depends on the import for a long time. In addition, it actively promotes the comprehensive utilization of marine resource and the refine degree of marine chemical products. Meishen Technology is always working to research the production of magnesium oxide.
Since the establishment of enterprise, it was trusted by new and old customers because of the quality service and the creditable quality. What’s more, it has been awarded many honorary titles, and set an example of Chinese magnesium oxide industry. As a professional and international chemical enterprise, Meishen Technology always regarded apply advanced technique and service for customers as the foundation of life and development, and regards apply qualified magnesium oxide products as the primary goal for fulfill enterprise society duty. At present, Meishen Technology is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. Through the innovation-driven and structural adjustment, this company builds and improves the management and supervision system of safety and environmental protection, promote overall industry. It is the only choice and demand to create the new situation of overall environmental protecting.More details:Shaoxing Kingber Fire Protection Equipment Co., Ltd contact